He’s staying he’s leaving he’s staying he’s leaving

Coutinho has ‘officially’ handed in his transfer request. I said officially in quotes because there’s been no official announcement from the Kop saying he’s leaving or that he’s sent in a request

What we do know is that The Fenway group, the owners, released a statement saying that Coutinho WILL be a Liverpool player come the end of this season.

Philippe Coutinho not leaving statement.PNG


Liverpool obviously cannot let Coutinho leave, however, if he puts in a request he must be allowed to leave. Liverpool have already had issues with transfers this window when they were accused of tapping up Southampton captain, Virgil van Dijk. Probably the main reason they haven’t got him yet.

I feel like football players and clubs alike have lost their respect for transfers and player contracts. We have the following clubs and their fan bases moaning about players being tapped up and forced to leave

  1. Barcelona

Barca famously sign players without consulting the club, they went and got Suarez and Neymar, the latter being the second shadiest transfer of all time. Currently they have been trying to get Coutinho to force his way out of Liverpool before their first game of The new season.


  1. PSG

PSG have also used a few ‘interesting’ tactics, the La Liga, like the rest of the world, would like to know how they funded the 220 million they had Neymar pay Barcelona to get his contract released.

neymar psg.jpg

  1. Liverpool

Yes, the club that has been tapped up by Barcelona is notorious for tapping up players themselves, just ask any Southampton fan. This window they have been threatened with a ban and are trying to still sign Southampton captain Virgil van dijk.

van dijk off to liverpool.jpg

  1. Real Madrid

Madrid have previously been given a transfer ban (that was reduced) due to sketchy dealings with underage players and their signings

both madrid transfer bans.jpg

  1. Atletico Madrid

Los Rojiblancos are in the middle of serving a transfer ban due to the same reason as real Madrid and are one of the sketchier clubs bringing players in.

It really is upsetting to see players forcing their way out and the value of contracts need to be appreciated. To counter that, we can’t have clubs forcing players out either but they do try to give players an option as to where they are going.

If Coutinho does leave, Liverpool need the distraction of the transfer to end as soon as possible because they cannot let it impact their next few games. They also need to use this money smartly and sign up a few or some big-name players to help them. Liverpool need to hang onto their man or they will not get their club into the Champions League next season or even push for the title this year.


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