Goals and Targets

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back. Today I am going to talk about something new, covering topics like, how many points will a team need to survive, how many to win, and go over the first 6 games of the season.

How many points will a team need to survive?

6 games into the season and the bottom 3 consists of West Ham, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, Palace having replaced their manager already. Every season teams target the magical number of 40 points to survive in the EPL, based on that, as of now teams that want to survive should have about 6.3 points from their 6 games. As of now, 6 teams are below that target. We have seen teams like Manchester United revived this season and it is harder for smaller teams to pick up points this season. Therefore, I think we need to adjust that 40 points goal and bring it down. Teams with about 35 or 36 points this season may be safe. We are going to possibly see Crystal Palace with a big fat zero after 8 games because their next 2 games are Manchester United away and then Chelsea at home.


How many points will a team need to win the EPL?

Since the 2011/2012 season, the average number of points needed to win the league has been 87.5, implying that as of right now, teams that are challenging for the league title should be on at least 13.8 points after 6 game-weeks. The only 2 teams above that amount, Manchester United and Manchester City with 16 points (shocked?), with Chelsea not far behind at 13 points. Because of their early season form, and assuming this form continues, the team to first reach around 98 points, 5 more than Chelsea had last season when they won the league, should win the league. However, we will probably see these top teams drop points as Manchester United and City have yet to be beaten. While we look at historic figures, it would be hard to ignore the fact that United were the masters of getting draws last season while City have faded away from their flying form in October/November of the last few seasons.

united v city.jpg

The golden boot race

As of now we have a 3 way tie at the top of the golden boot race with Morata (CHE), Aguero (MCY) and Lukaku (MUFC) with 6 goals. It would be hard to predict someone outside this group winning the golden boot, unless something drastic happens. The best goals per minute ratio though goes to Anthony Martial, who has scored a goal every 40 minutes, that’s right, 40 minutes.


6 games in and we already have had a cracking season so far, with a lot of big games coming up, the next 6 game recap will be very interesting to look at.


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